Dittmar speaks about building sustainable cities

23 Oct 2010 (Pune):  Hank Dittmar (CEO, The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment, London, UK) spoke about strategies for building sustainable cities of the future at the College of Engineering Pune campus in front of a capacity audience. The event organized by the Association of British Scholars and the British Library was well attended and led to engaging discussion and debate. The event was followed by a dinner gathering involving the guests and  members of the Association of British Scholars, Pune.

During his talk Dittmar emphasized on sustainable urbanism, location efficiency, adequate public transport, walkable street network and community capital. Effective usage of natural resources, involving communities and proper town planning are best practices towards sustainable urbanism. He stressed the importance of planners’ role in achieving goal of sustainable urbanism and emphasized need to train planners and urban designers so that they will bring together citizens, experts and government officials on same platform. He mentioned that inUKthe concept of enquiry by design (EBD) was integrated in the process of planning policy and planners being trained by foundation in Scotland.  He said that in India if we work in collaboration in making cities for people we can curtail carbon emissions. Solution must also consider traditional coexists with modern harmoniously maintaining the local culture. He mentioned that experiences of EBD inJamaicawere encouraging and people wanting to be more involved.



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