5 Feb 2011: Shashank Verma demystifies the application process to UK universities.

Shashank Verma, an MBA from Oxford University, gave a 2-hour introductory presentation on the process of applying to UK/US universities for both bachelors & masters courses.

The presentation gave an overall view of the whole application process and got into details of how to prepare for all aspects of the application. As the admission system in UK looks holistically at the whole application including test scores, application essays, statement of purpose, reference letters, academic record and volunteer experience, Shashank gave details on each of these components and the common pitfalls that applicants can avoid.

Shashank also talked about the need for prospective students to first introspect on their long-term career goal and how a particular bachelors or masters program from a particular school/university will help the candidate in achieving that goal. He said, “if you are convinced that this degree from this school is the right decision, it will show through in your application and distinguish you from the others”.

Shashank is a renewable energy entrepreneur working in Pune and also advises applicants on a part-time basis.

He can be contacted on his email verma.shashank@gmail.com

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