Prof Ranganathan, Secretary EC, ABS Pune attend ABS gathering at Hyderabad




DATE: 19TH AND 20TH March 11


Venue: The Park Hotel, Hyderabad


Theme: Internationalising Higher Education


In attendance: Sally Goggin Director Education BC,India and Srilanka, Jon Lees, Executive Director, The Warwick MBA, Dr Derek Condon, Senior Teaching Fellow, The Warwick MBA, Paul Sellers Director British Council South India, Manjula Rao Head Programmes West India BC and 175 delegates comprising of ABS members from Baroda, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Delhi, Deharadun, Hyderabad(maximum),Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune(Prof Ranganathan).


The First day (19th March 11)


The delegates arrived at the early morning (In fact I was the first to check in at 6.30 am) and after a brief session of networking, lunch was served at 12 noon and immediately after that the sessions started with the opening of the 2 day activities, Mike Nithavrisnskis, British Deputy High Commissioner, South India presented the opening remarks when he cited the various initiatives taken by the UK Government in conjunction with the BC to develop deep bondage between India and UK. He stressed on the aspects of inclusive society development in order to achieve excellence in all fields.


His presentation was followed by a well documented presentation on Ramanujan, the mathematician who stole the hearts of the veteran masters from UK. It was by DevBenegal, a film maker and writer. The presentation showed as to how Ramanujan was able to win the hearts of the senior mathematical wizards and how his theorems are relevant today in modern applications like ATM etc


Rahul Bose, a leading actor and activist was the next to present his dreams about India where he cited with passion, a role model India as his dream


2 alumni Dharini Bhaskar from Delhi and Shameen Prashantham from Glasgow University shared their experiences of being in the UK


The afternoon sessions turned towards the expectations of developing alumnus net works and how they could foster the bondage between the Universities and the emerging educational scenario across the sub continent. The presentation was led by Jon Lees from Warwick Business School and it was a session that triggered the thought processes of the audience. (I contributed the approvals of the various UK degrees by the accrediting bodies like UGC and AICTE) Jayashree from ABS, Chennai spoke about the need for bringing the alumni network closely and explained few projects undertaken by them


The evening saw the ‘humour’ by Papa CJ and it was well attended with fun and flavor. This was followed by an excellent performance by the Swarathma Band from Bengaluru.


This was along the cock tail where most of the members participated.






Second day 20th March 11


In the morning session a surprise presentation by Karn Grover, ABS Baroda on the topic sustainability of the environment carried away all the participants where he had described the various activities that could be taken up to protect the dwindling species and also the effect of the melting of snow and the after effects of Chernobyl (a reference about the recent happenings in Japan also as made), thrilled the audience. It included video graphic presentation of the activities undertaken by him as an architect.


This was followed by 2 Master classes on Risk Management (Dr.Derek Condon) and Grassy Knoll (Rahul Bose)


I sat in the presentation on Risk as it is my area of interest. Dr.Derek presented the various aspects of risk, its management and the governance issues related to it. The discussions followed cited examples of Enron, Parmlat, Sathyam etc and highlighted the effects of poor governance on the profitability of a company.


Manjula Rao led a session on ABS management and the possible future course of actions to be taken.


The grand 2 day meet ended around 2 pm when most of the delegates started their return journey.



Learnings: It was excellent knowing the various activities carried on by the ABS in India.

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