10 Dec 2011: ABS Pune supported Chemistry Workshops for school children a great success

Chemistry Workshops for School Children in Pune planned for International Year of Chemistry (IYC) 2011 came to a close on 10 Dec 2011. The Association of British Scholars, Pune decided to  support this activity for the year. The ABS Pune is happy to note the impact that these workshops have had. (1200 school students from 50 schools in Pune)

Website: http://www.excitingscience.org/IYC2011/

A detailed report on the event is available here: Report_IYC_Chemistry_Workshops

Excerpts from the report:—————–

During each of these workshops, school students (8th‐9th std) participated in three activities ‐ Talk on “Chemistry in Everyday life” by NCL/IISER (and guest) scientists (one hour) ‐ A researcher guided tour of chemistry and materials research labs in NCL/IISER, where students got to witness the state‐of‐the‐art research facilities and instruments and got to grill researchers with their curiosity and questions (one hour) ‐ Followed by a quick snack on mango drink, biscuits and samosas or vada pav ‐ A hands‐on experiment session (for about 2 hours) where students got to perform (individually and as part of small groups) two experiments – one on making slime and bouncy ball using day‐to‐day chemicals like synthetic glue and borax solution and in the second experiment, made gold nanoparticles and explored how gold behaves in the nanoscale (like turn deep‐pinkish/purple in color instead of the yellowish‐gold color everyone expects to see). And learned the science behind these experiments. ‐ As a parting gift, each of them got a very‐accessible‐fun, illustration‐filled version of the periodic table of elements

Some relevant numbers: ‐ 20 such workshops (each running between 4‐5 hours) was held ‐ Over 1200 school students (from over 50 schools) participated in these workshops ‐ 6000 studenthours of talks, experiments and discussions were held ‐ Over 50 teachers and parents got to learn how kids learn by watching/observing these workshops ‐ Over 30 Ph.D research students volunteered to share their excitement with the school students, and guided them during the tour and experiment sessions (volunteering for over 1000 hours) ‐ 10 scientists (with over 11 Ph.Ds between them) from NCL and IISER delivered talks to the students (this includes one distinguished scientist from IISc, Bangalore who was visiting NCL then)

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