(29 March 2012) Insightful talks on Budget and Economic Survey

The Association of British Scholars, Pune, ICAI-Pune and Venture Center Library Pune jointly organized talks on the Budget and Economic Survey 2012 at NCL Innovation Park on 29 March 2012.  Mr Vineet Deo (Chartered Accountant) who is currently Consulting Editor-Finance, Sakal Media Group gave an insightful background and summary of the Economic Survey. He also pointed out key strands of policy embeded in the Economic Survey and how it connects with current and futuer trends. Mr Vishwajeet Honap, an accomplished Chartered Accountant from Pune with extensive professional and academic experience, focussed on the tax implications of the Budget — a topic of great importance to both individuals and companies. The Talks were followed by a lively session of Q&A.  Dr Premnath thanked the speakers on behalf of the organizers.


Presentation of momento to Mr Deo

 Presentation of momento to Mr Honap

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